Unique Affiliate Program

Promote ICO Platform, Help Startups and Earn Big!

Join Cryptoraiser Affiliate Program


Cryptoraiser offers unique opportunity to promote high-end ICO platform and earn ultimate revenue. Minimal earnings from one sale is $750 paid in USD or Bitcoins, plus up to 0.1% of the total collected funding of the ICO project that you referred to the platform. And this is not all the good news! You can also earn revenue on the second level, referring other affiliates to join us!
Cryptoraiser affiliate solution is transparent and accurate. Register as an affiliate and get personal affiliate account where you can track clicks, leads and sales. Affiliate earnings are paid in 48 hours after we confirm the payment from the client.
Cryptoraiser Affiliate Program is designed as a fair business opportunity for affiliates. It is not scam, financial pyramid or HYIP. You sell actual software product and earn good money for your promotional activities. So fill in the registration form and get started right away!

How Much Do I Get Paid


Cryptoraiser affiliates earn 10% of the software product price and technical support costs. The price of the software varies and may be subject to seasonal and promotional discounts, but it never goes lower than $7500.00 USD for the Standard Licence and $24,500.00 USD for the White Label License.
Ongoing technical support costs 0.5-1% of the total ICO collected funds and affiliates also get 10% share of this revenue.
Additionally, there is second level of affiliate program where affiliates earn 10% of the revenue earned by affiliates they referred to join Cryptoraiser Affiliate Program.

How Do You Track Affiliate Earnings


Cryptoraiser uses cookies to track visitors who were referred by you. And to maximize performance you can also use unique promotional code that will give clients additional 5% discount on setup cost!
When affiliate registers affiliate account, he receives special promotional link that should be used to send all visitors to our site. Once visitor clicks this link, he gets cookie that will be tracked for 1 year. This way our system will know that this client belongs to you and will credit you commission once the referred client make a purchase.
Cookie tracking is accurate and reliable technical way to track clients, but to give you even more power we have special discount promotional codes that you can use in your marketing activities. You can distribute promotional code in addition to your affiliate link, or in cases when direct clicks are not possible. Clients get motivation to use this code since they benefit from 5% discount on setup cost.
To make tracking as precise as possible, we ask all clients to fill in convenient contact form or use software order form to initiate conversation or request a demo of our ICO platform. Both methods have cookie tracking and promotional code tracking in place, so you will not miss a client.

Who Can Take Part In Affiliate Program


Anyone can join our affiliate program and earn significant income. If you have experience in digital marketing, software sales or cryptocurrency community building you already have full power in your hands, but previous experience is not required. Cryptoraiser Affiliate Program is a great way to monetize web site, blog or social media profile, you may promote us any way you want, but remember, no SPAM or illegal activity.
Join us now, there are no obligations or strings attached. Participation in our affiliate program is free and can become a great way of earning for you!